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Jason Hitte

Jason Hitte, Sr. is the founder and Lead Pastor of the Lakeside Church in Oakland, Florida. Starting as a new church plant with a handful of families, Lakeside Church has now become one of the fastest-growing multicultural, multigenerational churches in the Greater Orlando area. In 2023, Outreach Magazine named Lakeside the 6th fastest-growing church in the nation, with over 3 thousand people engaging in our weekly services. Lakeside launched its second campus, as well as its online campus, in 2020. To continue to expand the gospel, Pastor Jason’s dynamic messages of grace and truth are featured on a local Christian broadcasting network that serves 3.8 million people in 9 counties throughout Central Florida. His driving passion is to help people learn the truth of God’s Word and walk in the freedom that is made available to us through Jesus. He is also deeply committed to raising up the next generation of leaders in the church. He has been in Ministry for over 25 years.  Additionally, he was a police officer in Melbourne, Florida, for ten years before starting the Lakeside Church. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Leadership from Southeastern University. Jason is married to Caroline, and together, they have one daughter, two sons, and seven grandchildren. 


Caroline Hitte

Caroline Hitte pastors the Lakeside Church faithfully alongside her husband Jason. She is incredibly gifted in her own right, with a deep love for God and people. Her leadership in the church is felt by all who call Lakeside home. In addition to being a leader in the church, Caroline’s heart is for helping people in their marriage. She is truly skilled in the area of counseling and has helped numerous women in marriages heal, and find restoration in Christ.








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